Buvens Brewery was founded on a wild passion for brewing beer. What started as an outrageous idea soon grew into a successful brewery. In 2017 they won with both beers the bronze medal at the "World beer Awards" at the Great Brittish Beer Festival.


The brewing process is carried out in a traditional way with refermentation in the bottle. We only use fresh hops, no dried granules. In that way we use the full flavour of the hops to contribute to our beers. Carefully selected malts are being grinded just before the brewing process in order to preserve the original taste. Even the rinsing of the grain is being done by hand to maintain maximum control over the outcome.

The choice of the right yeast and the way we use this yeast is very important for the end result. We choose an average amount of carbonation, just enough to be pleasantly refreshing.


After the brewing process it takes two months before the beer is ready for consumption.


"... we only make beer we like to drink ourselves.

And after the first one you definitely want to order a second one...

It was an honor to get such a prestigious award in the company of all those big breweries"




Blondin Triple :

Winner of the bronze medal at the "World Beer Awards" 2017 London (ex aequo with Triple Rost).

A blond, traditional well-balanced triple beer with 8% of alcohol level.

Made of a selection of the finest malts and a variety of hops.

A beer with fruity taste of banana and citrus. Long dry aftertaste and small, fine fresh sparkling feeling on your tongue.



Triple Rost:

Winner of the bronze medal at the "World Beer Awards 2017" in London (ex aequo with Blondin Triple). The Rusty blond beer, carefully spiced. It took 10 years of experimenting to complete the full taste. Made of three kinds of malt and three kinds of hops.

The 9% of alcohol is well-hidden in the full taste of this beer. Triple Rost is a superior beer with an extra dimension of flavour.



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3290 DIEST


Tel.: 0032(0) 13/ 312.714

email : brouwerij@buvens.be